Infused Balsamic Vinegar Creme with Pomegranate, All Natural, Product of Crete, Greece, 250 ml

Ellora Farms

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From the prized vineyards of the Island in Crete comes the Ellora Farms Balsamic vinegar, perfectly aged for the aroma and the luxurious indulgence. Our Balsamic Crème & Vinegars are made from an ancient Cretan recipe of reduced grape must and fresh local Pomegranates and there is nothing like it on most grocery store shelves. Originating from the Ancient Isle of Crete in Greece this pomegranate juice infused Balsamic dates to ancient times and distinctive of its Mediterranean heritage.

With the perfect balance of earthy and tarty tropical flavor, this centuries old recipe is extremely versatile and can be enjoyed with salad greens, mozzarella, duck, lamb or baked chicken, salmon, grilled vegetables, and even vanilla ice-cream. Created with one single infusion of fresh pomegranate juice added to the concentrated white grape must.

A 100% natural product, concentrated in low temperature to retain the natural character and their healthy ingredients (Antioxidants, Mg, Potassium etc.) with no added sugar, caramel, sulfites, preservatives or colorings, Ellora Farms is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality single origin ingredients and best possible products so that home chefs can create flavorful culinary experiences that are worth sharing. Gluten free !